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Tucker Carlson: Equality under law is slipping away


Tucker Carlson: Equality under law is slipping away

With America’s institutions under relentless attack — and in some cases crumbling — it’s worth thinking through what we’d like to save from the ashes. When the revolution finally ends. what do we hope to have left?In other words, what are our best traditions? There are a lot of them. At the very top of…

Tucker Carlson: Equality under law is slipping away

With America’s establishments below relentless assault — and in some cases crumbling — it’s value pondering thru what we’d love to set from the ashes. When the revolution at last ends. what’s going to we hope to have left?

In varied phrases, what are our absolute best traditions? There are barely about a them. On the very high of the list is equality below the law. Equality is the most simple of all American beliefs. It’s the very first precept articulated in the Declaration of Independence. It’s why the founders broke with England.

In America, all citizens could per chance well be topic to the the same principles: The identical standards. The identical penalties. Successfully off or melancholy. Dark or White. All of us are equal below the law.


That’s the promise. It’s more uncomplicated to point to than to realize, without a doubt. But we’ve tried exhausting. We ought to peaceable luxuriate in with that.

Yet some in strength are no longer making an strive. Equality, the article we’ve fought to retain for hundreds of years, is slipping away. The Jeffrey Epstein case is the most up-to-date example. Thursday night time, dozens of unsealed court docket paperwork from the Epstein case emerged online. They paint a image of a justice system wherein the prosperous and smartly-connected can elevate out with regards to whatever they need.

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In one sworn deposition, a girl called Virginia Giuffre claims that Epstein and others — including Prince Andrew of England and approved educated Alan Dershowitz — sexually abused her as a minor.

Giuffre says an FBI agent replied that the agency didn’t conception to elevate out the rest about it. Epstein’s case, he allegedly said, wasn’t “going wherever” thanks to “the chain of speak.”

The paperwork then direct what appears to be a outstanding abuse of strength. Epstein’s accusers claim that Alan Dershowitz and Prince Andrew helped Epstein beat federal charges for intercourse crimes in 2008. They moreover impart that Dershowitz crafted the immunity agreement so that he himself moreover wouldn’t face criminal prosecution.

Dershowitz has denied all of this.


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Alex Acosta is perchance no longer joining us. He’s the conventional Labor Department secretary who at the time modified into a federal prosecutor. Acosta is the one who agreed to the Epstein deal.

When asked why he let a intercourse abuser skate, Acosta reportedly said: “I modified into told Epstein ‘belonged to intelligence’ and to slump away it on my own.”

What does that mean precisely? What intelligence provider did Jeffrey Epstein work for? Why did our executive enable him to sexually abuse exiguous ladies? We deserve answers to these questions. But to date, no one is providing them. Epstein can’t speak us. He’s ineffective.

The press, surprisingly, doesn’t seem very attracted to finding the answers. It’s that it’s good to per chance well presumably possess that’s on story of Epstein modified into shut to a outstanding different of prominent Democratic politicians.


The new paperwork point out that conventional president Bill Clinton visited Epstein’s private island in the Caribbean with two younger ladies. Giuffre claims Epstein made her have intercourse with conventional Recent Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, conventional U.S. Sen. George Mitchell, and a worthy Massachusetts Institute of Abilities scientist.

Is any of this ethical? We don’t know. Ghislaine Maxwell doubtlessly does. She’s in custody and situation to slump on trial. Will she point to what took space and why? Doesn’t watch promising. Her lawyers fought the free up of these paperwork.

Tailored from Tucker Carlson’s monologue on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on July 31, 2020


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