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Crypto coin This week on “Sunday Morning” (August 2)


Crypto coin This week on “Sunday Morning” (August 2)

Host: Jane Pauley   CBS News COVER STORY: The great broadband divideHigh-speed Internet access has been the foundation of work, school, commerce, church services, and even doctor’s visits during the COVID-19 pandemic, which is great … IF you have high-speed Internet. Yet, about half of Americans do not. David Pogue reports on the broadband divide…

Crypto coin This week on “Sunday Morning” (August 2)

Crypto coin

Host: Jane Pauley

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CBS News

COVER STORY: The comprehensive broadband divide

Excessive-tempo Knowledge superhighway access has been the muse of work, faculty, commerce, church companies and products, and even doctor’s visits all the scheme thru the COVID-19 pandemic, which is great … IF you would possibly per chance well per chance fair agree with high-tempo Knowledge superhighway. Yet, about half of of Individuals stop no longer. David Pogue reports on the broadband divide in our country, the do for many high-tempo web is either unavailable or unaffordable.

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Moreover to “The Sibley Manual to Birds,” David Sibley has produced a unfold of regional discipline guides and books on hen behavior and guidelines for birdwatchers..

CBS News

ART: For the birds: Illustrator David Sibley

David Sibley has been called the largest illustrator of birds since John James Audubon or Roger Torey Petersen, and his “Sibley Guides to Birds” agree with sold more than two million copies. Rita Braver finds out how the hen fancier turned one of essentially the most precious and winning chroniclers of avian lifestyles. (On the initiating broadcast November 17, 2019.)

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: David Sibley: Increasing up as a birder

Illustrator David Sibley, renowned for the bestselling “Sibley Manual to Birds,” talks with correspondent Rita Braver about his youthful interest in hen-watching, and how being the son of a essential ornithologist, Yale professor Fred Sibley, led to his profession.

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Linda Lavin: “I’ve labored more in these 2½ months than I even agree with in 2½ years”

Actress and singer Linda Lavin says that, for the reason that pandemic began, she has been busier than ever – from releasing a modern album to performing weekly online concert events and starring in a series of comedic YouTube videos. The essential particular person of the classic sitcom “Alice” tells correspondent Mo Rocca that great of her success entails the reality that she has repeatedly advocated for herself.

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A vanilla orchid.

CBS News

POSTCARD FROM MADAGASCAR: The flavorful fable of vanilla

In latest months worldwide gross sales of vanilla, a key ingredient within the truffles and cookies being baked by those sheltering at home, agree with doubled. Correspondent Seth Doane traveled to the island of Madagascar – which gives 80% of the world’s vanilla – to hunt down out why growing and harvesting vanilla pods is so labor-intensive, and why great of this precious money gash (that would possibly per chance well per chance fair be worth more by weight than silver) most frequently finally ends up on the black market.

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In the time of social distancing thanks to COVID, we are missing out on one of many largest facets of human interaction: hugging. Contributor Luke Burbank talks with experts about how the physical act of giving and getting a hug can enhance our oxytocin hormone ranges, and how we are able to silent get cling of an honest hug after we in point of fact favor one.

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Jim Gaffigan on living in a time warp

The calendar would possibly per chance well per chance fair explain it’s August, however the comedian is no longer searching for to hunt down it, ’cause he’s silent trapped in a routine of doing the same things he did months ago.

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Singer Tanya Tucker, whose latest album, “While I’m Livin’,” is nominated for four Grammy Awards. 

CBS News

MUSIC: Tanya Tucker

Since the ripe feeble age of 13, Tanya Tucker has had with regards to two dozen High-40 albums. And after more than 50 years on stage, her latest album, “While I’m Livin’,” has gotten essentially the most involving opinions of her profession (and won two Grammy Awards earlier this year). CBS News’ Bob Schieffer sits down with the singer who became as soon as country song’s wild slight one, and whose insist has by no scheme had more to present than it does at present. (On the initiating broadcast January 5, 2020.)

You would possibly per chance well per chance perchance stream Tanya Tucker’s “While I’m Livin'” by clicking on the embed below (Free Spotify registration required to hear the tracks in fat):

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Correspondent Lee Cowan with CBS’ George Schweitzer.

CBS News


George Schweitzer, the chairman of advertising and marketing at CBS and a passionate chronicler of the community’s historic past, has spent many years promoting a community that has been an integral section of his household. He gave correspondent Lee Cowan a tour of his memorabilia-filled office, and talked lore about CBS’s storied historic past, from Captain Kangaroo to David Letterman.

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Christopher David stands his ground as federal officers from the Department of Space of initiating Security beat him with batons, ahead of pepper-spraying him. 

Zane Sparling, Portland Tribune/Twitter

COMMENTARY: Navy vet Christopher David speaks on Portland protests

Christopher David, a Navy feeble who stood as a lot as a beating by hide-carrying officers at a Portland Black Lives Topic demonstration in July, talks about why he chose to confront federal agents about violating their oath to the Structure, and why he thinks the deployment of such forces in American cities is a “slippery slope.”

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Good Smoky Mountains National Park

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CBS News

THE BOOK REPORT: Experiences of latest titles by Ron Charles of the Washington Submit (Coming soon!)

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