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Best PSP games: top PlayStation Portable titles


Best PSP games: top PlayStation Portable titles

Home News Gaming (Image credit: Sony) Looking for the best PSP games of all time? Then you’ve landed on the right page. When it released in 2005, Sony’s PSP was a revelation in a handheld market dominated by Nintendo. Intended to be a home console in your pocket, the PSP promised to pack a powerful…

Best PSP games: top PlayStation Portable titles
Best PSP games

(Image credit rating: Sony)

Trying for the handiest PSP games of all time? Then you definately might possibly possibly perhaps absorb got landed on the lawful page. When it released in 2005, Sony’s PSP was a revelation in a handheld market dominated by Nintendo. Intended to be a house console for your pocket, the PSP promised to pack a extremely effective transportable punch, bringing PlayStation’s high franchises to

a handheld machine.

Sadly, the PSP was also a splash heavy, moderately dear and ravishing didn’t moderately arrange to live up to its skill. That stated, anyone who can mild keep in mind the novelty it equipped and the unbelievable library of PSP games it had to give will feel a fondness for it. Sooner or later the PSP was modified by the a long way sleeker (but less winning) Vita, but attributable to backwards compatibility, its unbelievable games acquired’t be forgotten. 

That’s why we absorb put together this record of the handiest PSP games of all time. So whether or no longer you’ve got a PS Vita, and are taking a ogle for a time out down memory lane, or you’ve managed to nab a second-hand PSP, it’s likely you’ll possibly perhaps well possibly raise a portion of transportable PlayStation history for your pocket.

Kingdom Hearts: Initiating by Sleep

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

(Image credit rating: Sq. Enix)

Initiating by Sleep is an a must-absorb play for mountainous fans of the Kingdom Hearts sequence, adding a couple of lore as a prequel to the contemporary Kingdom Hearts. Being a prequel, it’s also a massive title when you haven’t performed the sequence. 

It stands rather diversified to outdated Kingdom Hearts entries attributable to its novel struggle machine and the truth that it centers on heroes Terra, Aqua and Ventus in preference to Sora. Nonetheless, this struggle machine is fabulous for PSP and the flexibility to transfer between the original abilities of the diversified heroes provides one other palatable layer to gameplay. You might possibly possibly perhaps additionally win pleasure from it as share of the Final Remix remaster on PS4.

Mighty Theft Auto: Vice City Reports

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

(Image credit rating: Rockstar Games)

It is dazzling thrilling seeing a ravishing Mighty Theft Auto in handheld invent and it helps that this one is a journey off from the unbelievable Vice City. Vice City Reports will not be any longer moderately as palatable as a console-based mostly Mighty Theft Auto scuttle, but it’s miles healthier and extra corpulent-featured than Liberty City Reports, which came earlier than it.

It also brings a brand novel myth to the desk, keep of dwelling two years earlier than the mainline Vice City title, so it’s good to recognize one thing that’s extra than ravishing a straight port. There’s nothing innovative or sport-changing in Vice City Reports’ gameplay – it undoubtedly is ravishing Mighty Theft Auto on the bolt – but when you happen to need nothing extra than that, we counsel you give this a strive.

The Sims 2

The Sims 2

(Image credit rating: EA)

The Sims 2 on PSP isn’t moderately what you’d interrogate. In disagreement to the majority of Sims games, and its PC counterpart, The Sims 2 is mission-based mostly and has vital extra of a (remarkable) myth. Your Sim’s automobile breaks down in Strangetown, and it’s up to your Sim to remark the extraterrestrial mysteries and secrets of the metropolis – whereas retaining your sanity in take a look at (actually). 

Whereas there are mild traditional Sims aspects fancy the flexibility to imprint your persona, woo the local townsfolk and customise neighborhoods, this Sims sport is much extra of an scuttle than diversified titles in the sequence. It might possibly well most likely most likely possibly perhaps well not be when you absorb the benefit of the liberty of traditional Sims games, but when you happen to need a Sim experience with extra course, then The Sims 2 on PSP is an underrated gem.

God of Battle: Ghost of Sparta

God of War: Ghost of Sparta

(Image credit rating: Sony)

It’s roughly laborious to imagine that the PSP might possibly possibly perhaps well have Kratos and mild enable him to be his heroic self, but Ghost of Sparta manages it. This sport will likely be enjoyed by anyone invested in the God of Battle myth and universe. 

No longer handiest does it ogle massive, it manages to play extremely smartly on the extra minute PSP controls. The strive against is gratifying, and since you utilize most of God of Battle locked in struggle that’s dazzling a must-absorb. Chains of Olympus is one other massive God of Battle sport but Ghost of Sparta is rather longer and rather extra polished. 

Crisis Core: Final Tale VII 

Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII

(Image credit rating: Sq. Enix)

Calm handiest on hand in physical invent on PSP and nowhere else – despite being surprisingly connected to the contemporary FFVII Remake – Crisis Core is a prequel to Final Tale VII that specializes in the myth of Zack, Aerith’s boyfriend and member of SOLDIER. Whereas the contemporary sport printed Zack’s destiny, here it’s extrapolated into a mid-measurement action RPG that takes you to diversified components of the FFVII world in extra ingredient than you’d absorb got viewed earlier than. With a surprisingly touching myth and a borderline-harrowing ending, it’s arguably the handiest staunch journey-off of FFVII that exists.



(Image credit rating: Sony)

You retain in mind Jak and Daxter, lawful? An unbeatable platforming crew. Effectively, on PSP Jak’s ottsel sidekick Daxter is the smartly-known person of his very have repeat. That is a amusing and palatable platformer that seems to be massive and exhibits the PSP at its handiest. A must-play for fans of action, scuttle, and a little bit of silliness in their platformers. 

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable

Shin Megami Tensei:

(Image credit rating: Atlus)

For a couple of folk in the West, this was their gateway sport into the Persona journey-offs of the Shin Megami Tensei sequence which can possibly perhaps well be undoubtedly indubitably extra smartly-liked than the mainline games. 

Persona 3 aspects a identical combine of faculty life sim by day, dungeon crawler RPG by evening to later entries, and whereas the extra popular games are potentially an even bigger train to delivery up for ticket novel gamers, that is a beautifully gleaming manner to lose 50 hours on PSP. You might possibly possibly perhaps additionally download this on PS Vita, alongside with the first Persona, Persona 2 and Persona 4 Golden.

Minute Remarkable Planet

Little Big Planet

(Image credit rating: Sony/Media Molecule)

Minute Remarkable Planet has prolonged been one of Sony’s most distinctive franchises and it translated incredibly smartly from major console to handheld. Shapely vital all the pieces from the PS3 version of the sport was translated to the PSP version and despite the incontrovertible reality that it’s rather extra difficult to imprint your ranges, it’s the identical stress-free and you’re going to fortunately play thru the ranges created by others. 

LocoRoco 1 2


(Image credit rating: Sony)

It’s laborious no longer to smile must you play LocoRoco. It’s a series that’s filled to the brim with dazzling colours, catchy melodies and stress-free platforming that coalesces into an uplifting experience that was completely remarkable to the PSP (despite the incontrovertible reality that it’s likely you’ll possibly perhaps well possibly play it on PS4 now, too). 

Whereas the second sport is the higher of the two, the contemporary deserves a scrape on this record for introducing us to the sport’s slow-uncomplicated safe watch over map and the eponymous, savory LocoRoco. Whenever you desire a destroy after slogging thru the PSP’s fabulous-but-dense iterations of Metal Equipment Stable or God Battle, LocoRoco is undoubtedly reinvigorating.

Wipeout Pure

Wipeout Pure

(Image credit rating: Psygnosis)

It wouldn’t be a staunch handheld with out a staunch racing sport, would it no longer? You might possibly possibly perhaps’t undoubtedly bolt wicked with a Wipeout title and Pure is a good addition to the franchise. It’s a futuristic racing sport that puts gamers in the back of the wheel of anti-gravity ships. Each and each ship is tied to a diversified crew and has diversified traits. 

As smartly as aiming to use, it’s miles significant to raise your ship intact by warding off crashes and weapons. Failure to raise out so will point out the destruction of your ship and putting off from the speed. As a long way as seems to be to be bolt, this sport has them and its tight gameplay will safe you coming back.

Tekken: Dark Resurrection

Tekken: Dark Resurrection

(Image credit rating: Bandai Namco)

There’ll not be any longer any shortage of high-tier fighting games on the PlayStation Portable – the handheld has solid entries in the Road Fighter, SoulCalibur, Guilty Equipment, Dark Stalker and, our personal favourite, the Tekken sequence with Tekken: Dark Resurrection. 

What elevates Tekken above the remaining is its depth of single-player drawl material that retains you entertained with out ever having a player two to struggle and the addition of broad novel characters to the sequence fancy Dragunov and Lili which absorb develop into staples in the competitive scene. Oh, and it also had Tekken Bowling, which can possibly perhaps well ravishing be the handiest mini-sport in any fighting sport.

Lumines 2

Lumines 2

(Image credit rating: Q Leisure)

Whenever you fancy digital dance song and games paying homage to Tetris, give Lumines 2 a pair of of your time. That is an addictive puzzle sport with uncomplicated gameplay – two-toned blocks will drop from the discontinue of the show cloak and it’s up to you neighborhood colours together to use away them from the board for aspects and to e book clear of sport over. It’s the addictive stress-free of Tetris, enhanced by a thumping soundtrack and visual aptitude.



(Image credit rating: Sony)

Patapon is a particular sport that combines components of song rhythm gameplay with staunch-time map. In it, you utilize safe watch over of a cartoonish and two-dimensional tribe of Patapons who you define by inputting particular button sequences in the rhythm of a drum. Diversified sequences give diversified orders, whether or no longer that’s forward, retreat, attack or defend.

Patapon is an fabulous example of what a rhythm sport, forging strive against gameplay which requires blueprint and use of your memory in preference to senseless button-pressing.

Half of-Minute Hero

Half-Minute Hero

(Image credit rating: Marvelous Leisure)

This RPG with a distinction is excellent for these that don’t absorb a couple of time on their hands. The massive promoting level? You might possibly possibly perhaps win thru quests in round 30 seconds. Genuinely, it’s no longer ravishing that you can. It might possibly well most likely most likely possibly perhaps well be vital to. There are strategies to claw back your time barely but a massive share of the stress-free of this sport is that it’s miles significant to raise grinding to win rather extra at any time when, finding out lessons as you bolt.

Final Tale Ways: The Battle of the Lions

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

(Image credit rating: Sq. Enix)

Whenever you’re taking a ogle for a sport to lose a couple of of hours to your life to, that is it. Treasure most tactical aim taking part in games, Final Tale Ways takes a whereas to win to grips with and it will feel severely slack, but once what you’re doing you acquired’t deserve to position it down. The myth, visuals and gameplay or Final Tale Ways come together to imprint a sport that’s rich, complex, rewarding and no longer for the faint of heart.

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